Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lawak Kampus

Posted by Calv_K

>Title: Lawak Kampus
>Price: RM6.50, RM7.50 SB/SWK
>Created by: Keith & Zelo
>Cover Page by: Keith & Zelo
>Published by: Gala Unggul Resources Sdn Bhd, July 2004
>Main characters: Vanness, Froggy, Aditas, Si Kosong, Bebop, etc
>Main language: Bahasa Malaysia + Rojak

Here goes one of the best comedic graphic novel. The style for this is simple. Every comedy scene/situation is being explained by using just 4 panels. It is amazing how it captures student's life, in an extreme point of view.

There are many main characters in this graphic novel as there are no real focus on who really takes the lead. Each of the scene explores what almost a real situation. The creativity flow is great as the illustrators really need to crack their head so that they will not bore the readers.

The best part about this graphic novel is that there is no confusion between which panel to go to next as there is only one way to see it (from top to bottom). The scene has a nice flow to it when it is divided into four panels; introduction, suspense, climax and conclusion. The ideas are simple which in result make readers understand what is going on with the scene in each panel. The most important thing is that it is hilarious. The comic does not only revolves around students but even the teachers, including the headmaster.

The characters designs are cute and creative. Keith and Zelo really brings the meaning cute, as in ugly but adorable. At first look, one may think that the characters are ugly and irritating but as the readers progress, they will surely be attracted to one of them, if not more. i personally like a character called Bebop. The strokes for this graphic novel is very simple as there is really no need for in depth addition. Even the backgrounds are arranged nicely just for the readers to know where are the scene is happening.

There is really nothing to say about the disadvantages of this comic. One might think that it is too silly or just illogical. Heck, ignore it, that's what a comedic comic is all about! It can be as illogical as it can go but it is still funny. There are a few (very few) scenes where readers can find it confusing or not funny but that will disappears the further the readers go.

Maybe the only complain is that there is not enough of the comedic scene. Insert more 3 scene into a page instead of 2?

The page above is a treat from Keith and Zelo as they made it into a short story to a scene in that graphic novel.

Get ready to kick back and laugh your pants off. It will make you reminisce about your school days as you might go "Hey, that happened to me too!" Grab it at stores near you. Laughter is indeed the best medicine when it comes to Lawak Campus.

Pros: Cute characters design, simple scene, addictable comedy.
Cons: The need to increase more scene in one page.

Rating: 8/10

Calv out!

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ChabbyWabbit said...

muahhahaahahha i want!!!!! to borrow...ahhahaha

amirul said...

it is so funny.i wan to meet and get autographs from keith & zelo.(From some book of funnying i got,zelo is helper in comic named "Lawak Cambest Habis".

jeremy koh said...

I'm LAWAK KAMPUS Fan!i got all the books

kakibusuk said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!! i almost have it all!
but, its hard for me to find the rebound one.
i used to see once at kedai..
after second blinks..its gone. sold out dee!

saya_arief said...

lawak kampus the bestt..

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TGUY said...

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